Running Linux from USB Stick on the Windows computer with a Linux Live USB Creator

For those of you windows users who want to run linux, either just to try, learn, or was it something else, you do not have to install linux in a separate partition. Now you can run Linux directly on your Windows computer using only a USB flash disks! Linux Live USB Creator or more popularly known by LiLi USB creatorlah that will help you manifest your desires are.

By using a Linux Live USB Creator, you can directly run Linux on your Windows computer without having to reboot, installation etc.. This is because Linux Live USB Creator is a Linux virtualization software that utilizes a USB flash drive as its boot media.

Linux Live USB Creator has many features as follows:

1. Because the use Live USB, then you can store data and install software on your Linux operating system. It's different when you use a live CD that does not allow you to store data and install software on linux is.

2. You can use Linux directly on your Windows computer without having to reboot etc.. Function is not much different from the VirtualBox.

3. It supports almost all existing versions of Linux such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, OpenSUSE, Mint, Slax, CentOS, ArchLinux, Gentoo, PCLinuxOS, Sabayon, BackTrack, Puppy Linux and many more. The full version of linux that is supported by Linux Live USB Creator you can read here.

4. Equipped with SmartClean for completely uninstalling Live USB you do want. And is also equipped with SmartDownload to download Linux with the version you want.
5. Linux Live USB Creator will notify you when a file is corrupted linux ISO.
6. Linux Live USB Creator hides all the Linux installation files on your USB stick so that it looks clean, there were only two keys that allow you access to run linux it.
7. Being able to provide auto update in linux you if the latest version of linux you are using has been released.
8. Easy to use both the novice and the expert.

How to use Linux Live USB Creator or more commonly referred to as LiLi USB Creator is very easy, just follow these steps:

1. Prepare the USB Stick / USB flash disk / USB flash drive formatted with FAT32 or FAT and konekkan to your windows computer.
2. Download and install Linux Live USB Creator here:

3. Open a Linux Live USB Creator, select the USB which you will use, select the location of your source linux installer (ISO / IMG / ZIP, CD or download directly), specify the size of the persistence of magnitude (size of disk space), tick the option you want , and then if you just click the lightning bolt logo

4. Wait until the process is complete. Live USB Key Linux you are ready for your use.
5. In VirtualBox folder in your USB stick, there are two key applications that VirtualBox.exe and Virtualize_This_Key.exe.
If you are running VirtualBox.exe, the display of virtual Linux box will appear and you are ready for use through virtualbox

If you are running Virtualize_This_Key.exe, then your Linux box will automatically open without going through virtualbox.

By using a Linux Live USB Creator is you can run linux on your windows computer with ease. Simply prepare a USB flash and install Linux Live USB Creator, then you can use any version of linux on your windows computer!

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