Conserve Battery Samsung S2 Galaxy

Shown with clear and certainly big enough for the size of a cellphone, the Samsung S2 Galaxy is very nice to use browsing, sms's and of course play the game. But one problem is quite annoying is the battery may run out quickly, especially if we use the Samsung S2 Galaxy continually to play games. Well, here are tips on how to save battery life Samsung S2 Galaxy cell phone or the like with the Android operating system.

Turn off or disable the Background Data. Go to the menu Settings, Account & Sync then remove the tick marks on the Background Data. As we know with the Background Data Active internet connection included in HP's Android on the Samsung Galaxy S2 will always be active, so it must be draining the battery

Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and Mobile Data. If you do not currently require these connections, you should just turn off the Bluetooth function, Mobile Data and Wifi. Go to Settings - Wireless & Network then remove the tick in Wifi, Bluetooth and Mobile Network.

Do not get too many applications running simultaneously. Running multiple applications simultaneously and simultaneously, especially online applications like Facebook, IM or Twitter can be very draining battery Samsung S2 Galaxy, therefore there is unused applications, preferably in the stop should not be left alone and kept walking.

Disable Animation. Display a fully animated menu is very easy on the eyes and to the eye but, of course, this animated feature will greatly affect battery life, so you should only disable this function in Animation Settings - Display - No Animations Animation and options.

Atus Brightness up to Level Zero. Access Settings - Displays - brightnes then slide up to the level of zero.

Turn off Vibrate Feedback and Touch Tones. It sounds really exciting when we touch the menu there are the sounds that come out or shakes from HP Android, but again, this function can be very costly batteries. Access the Settings menu - remove the tick on Audible Sound Touch Tones and Vibrate.

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