how to restore the iPhone

IPhone jailbreak process that often fails to make the iPhone into error. So, the iPhone can not function normally as before. Restore the iPhone may be the best way you should do though this will not fully restore your iPhone as usual. And we just entered into the heart of the problem is how to restore the iPhone, to restore the iPhone, you must perform the following steps.

1.First, check your iPhone Data
You need to remember that the restore process will erase all your data on your iPhone including your phonebook. So please check in advance the data on your iPhone starts Phonebook and other important files.

2.Second, Connect iPhone to a Computer
Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB. iTunes will automatically run and detect your iPhone. Make sure your iPhone has detected an iPhone, see the indicator on the DEVICE name.

3.Third, Restore your iPhone
Click the "Restore" on the right side of the screen, then click "Restore" again.

4.Fourth, Back Up Data
Remember the restore process will erase all data on your iPhone yangada, iTunes will offer process terhdap Back Up Your iPhone data, so please click the Back Up to back up your data.

5.Fifth, Wait until the process of back-up is complete, and iTunes will automatically perform the restore iPhone. And do not pull out your iPhone for an iPhone restore process is running.

6. the restore process is complete your iPhone and you may revoke your iPhone then check the condition of your iPhone after they are restored. Hopefully the iPhone you can return to normal as usual.

For additional information, namely how to reset the iPhone and iPod Touch that hangs. If the LCD screen iPhone or iPod Touch to be blank or black, do segerelah reset your iPhone. But the recommended way is used in an emergency, if the iPhone you are experiencing errors.

To reset your iPhone or iPod Touch, how to press the "Sleep / Wake" and the Home button in besamaan for about 10 seconds. Wait until Apple logo appears sepenunya on your screen. And the process of resetting your iPhone and iPod Touch has been completed.

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