Cool ... Firefox Prepare OS for Smartphone

No news is quite a scene in the world operating system, the article of the Firefox browser

development team plans to jump into the market operating system (OS) mobile. In a brief post on their site, the group announced a Boot to the Gecko project (B2G) which would compete with the OS on a claim which had already soared, such as IOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7.

As their creations browser, this OS will also be open-source, which means it can be worn all the handsets. As with other OS, the team developed it so that Firefox can do a telephone, SMS, MMS, besides of course browsing and various things you can do other smartphones. B2G project will use the Android kernel and drivers as the base OS. However, they ensure that the involvement of Android will end there. This step could be a way to get around so they do not engage demand-demand patent rights that often occurs in the mobile world. With the presence of this brand-new OS we will be able to see a sharper competition later.


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