Stylish Fake iPhone 4 Tablets

When we hear the word smartphone clones, we expect the goods are physically similar to the original even with second-class quality. Well, that's interesting is that now iPhone 4 clones are circulating in China, iPhone clones 4 has a size extra large 7-inch screen. Of course, many who shook their heads at the sight, because the device is taking the design of the iPhone 4 and comes in tablet size.

This giant iPhone 4 is one of the devices from China, which seeks mendompleng name iPhone is very popular in the land of the Bamboo curtain. Known by the name 'Vayee', the tablet is equipped with 7-inch resistive screen at a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, and runs on Android 2.2 with VIA processor 8650 and 3G network support. Even more interesting, it has a SIM card slot, unlike the iPhone 4 that utilizes a micro SIM and use the Android operating system, IOS greatest enemy.


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