RIM Releases BlackBerry New

Research In Motion today presents two new smartphones the Bold 9790 series and Curve 9380. Both the BlackBerry operating system-based smartphone OS 7 using the touch screen. However, if the Bold 9790 uses a touch screen input plus a Qwerty keyboard, the Curve 9380 uses full touch screen input measuring 3.2 inches.

Unlike previous product launches, for the first time in the history of the company, RIM to launch of both products in Indonesia. Then, why not?

According to Jim Balsillie, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Research In Motion, the institute chose Indonesia because of seeing this country is a potential market. "The growth of BlackBerry in Indonesia is the most significant in Southeast Asia, even the most rapidly growing markets in the world. The growth of subscribers in Indonesia rose 10-fold within 24 months," said Balsillie in Jakarta, 15 November 2011.

One of the most popular service that is BlackBerry Messenger BlackBerry, Balsillie said, has been present in more than 185 countries worldwide and in Indonesia, more than 90 percent of BlackBerry subscribers use the service. "Even 10 percent of fuel usage connected application, used by the user from Indonesia," he said. "This illustrates how users in Indonesia is very active in using the BlackBerry service," said Balsillie.

According to data from the first half of the research institute GfK, said Balsillie, the BlackBerry market growth in Indonesia is ranked first compared to the smartphone competitors. Just like in Thailand and the Philippines. "But the number of BlackBerry users in Indonesia is much more significant," he said. "Its own market share reached 38%," he said.

IDC research institute itself, Balsillie said, predicting that by the year 2015, sales of BlackBerry in Indonesia will reach nearly 10 million units. "The numbers reached 9.7 million units," he said. "It is predicted higher than competitors' products," he said.

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