Five Complaints for iPhone 4S

4S iPhone mobile phone, Apple's latest product which is claimed to achieve sales of 4 million units within three days, was still reaping the complaint. Phones that went on sale in the United States and six other countries it is still lamented by its buyers through online media. Among the many complaints, there are at least five major problems faced by almost all buyers of the iPhone 4S.

Data services are slow

Apple offers cellular service through Sprint jariangan for unlimited data access, in addition to AT & T and Verizon. In the United States, this company operates the second largest wireless broadband network. Many iPhone users are reporting slow 4S data accessed through Sprint. Responding to this, Scott Sloat, a Sprint spokesman told CNN stated, Sprint is analyzing reports of iPhone users 4S and being careful to monitor the 3G network.

Weak battery

Phil Schiller, Apple's vice president for Product Management has said in his presentation that the 4S iPhone users will be able to make calls for 8 hours before ultimately re-charge the battery. But in fact, users complained that the battery is weaker than the iPhone 4. Apple iLounge then publish reviews about the battery and discovered a surprising fact. 4S iPhone battery is generally more hungry than the iPhone 4. Using Wi-Fi or 3G consistently, calls, and playing video or music will drain the battery very quickly.

Siri works only in the United States

Requests iPhone clearly global, including new services offered. One service that seeded the iPhone 4 is Siri, where only the sound, the phone can perform the desired command the user. Starting from sending an SMS, asking weather, becomes the guide, discuss recipes or other information. Siri, however turned out to have shortcomings in terms of capturing the words of the user. Siri had difficulty receiving heavy accent, as the words spoken by the English, French, and German. Imagine if the people of Scotland to use this feature.

Besides could not catch the words well, Siri also turns can only provide information about road and weather throughout the United States. Beyond that, Siri still need time for adaptation. Even in Canada, the region closest to the United States, Siri was not functioning properly.

Camera problems

Points that attract users to buy the iPhone 4S is the 8-megapixel camera has. However, these cameras are still in trouble with the shutter speed and aperture. In a discussion forum on the Apple site, some reported that when they take photos, the camera caught up with the shutter closed. Others said the camera was not working at all, so they fix it by turning off the phone and restart.

Spots on screen

Some buyers reported a yellowish color or spots on their mobile screen. This is an issue that the iPhone has ever faced before. Apple never officially explained that the technician reported that the spots or yellowish color is a residue from the manufacturing process. Colors tend to fade after a few days.

Sources: CNN

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