Enthroned iPhone £20.995 Worth Diamonds

Products iPhone really become a favorite of designers to create works of fancy. The experiment this time is the latest edition of the iPhone 4S.

Is a designer Jo-Emma Larvin makes stunned gadget lovers with luxury mobile phone device called 'iPhone 4S Diamond & Platinum Edition' is. He put a 7.8 carat diamond and 0.53 carats, and solid platinum.

In addition to mobile phones around the white frame, a sprinkling of diamonds also appear on the back side of the Apple logo.

Limited production, only 25 pieces, sophisticated mobile phone with a touch of luxury that is marketed at a price of £ 20,995 . Although the design is done Larvin cultivation, marketing of products that remain involve gadget designer from Liverpool, England, Stuart Hughes.

However, the phone is modest when compared with one of the creations Hughes: iPhone 4 enthroned 500 diamonds. Mobile phone with super designs are sold at a price of £ 5 million.

Hughes only made ​​two sets of designs. He makes up the order a businessman from Australia whose name deliberately hidden, "This is a fantastic challenge and I am really satisfied with the outcome. The phone looks stunning," he said at the time.

To make it more luxurious two phones, Hughes also replace the cardboard box with a box made ​​of pink granite weighing seven pounds. The inside of the box is also lined with the finest leather.

Hughes is known as the designer look of fancy gadgets. He has designed many display devices for 12 years. Before you create with a number of Apple products, he began his career with the Nokia 8800 with a gold lining.

Hughes was deeply loved his work. One of its customers is the founder of fashion house Dolce and Gabbana, Stefano Gabbana. "The calls is intended for those who are very wealthy, they can not be compared with a phone that can be found anywhere," said Hughes.

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