Siri features in the iPhone 4S Make Google.??????

CALIFORNIA - sound assistant Siri feature embedded in the iPhone 4S, it makes Google ketar-ketir. Fear itself is felt directly by the chariman Google's Eric Schmidt.

"Apple has launched an entirely new approach to search technology with Siri, job search and voice-based solutions that are built into the iPhone 4S," Schmidt said in a written response to lawmakers released Friday by the Senate antitrust subcommittee of the U.S., as reported by AFP, Monday (7/11/2011).

Siri addition, he also saw the challenges coming from social networks like Facebook, micro-blogging site Twitter and traditional competitors such as Microsoft Bing.

"Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter also allows users to utilize their social networks to find answers to their questions. Therefore, Google's competing with all the methods available for accessing information on the Internet, not just other general search engines," wrote Schmidt.

"The source of competition up with Google not only through the use Bing to search the internet. But, also by offering users a fundamentally different way to find and connect with information on the Internet," he said again.

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