Samsung Smartphone No. 1

SEOUL - Samsung moves to the top of Apple. The Korean electronics giant has boosted its sales records to 23.6 million shipments, leaving its rival, Apple, in second place with record sales of 17.3 million shipments.

Records of sales is calculated by the International Data Corporation, which is a well-known research firm. Because of this, Samsung now has 20 percent of the total share of global smartphone market, while Apple is at position 15 percent. Nokia's lost half of the total market share, has decreased dramatically compared with last quarter.

Of the 28 percent of global smartphone market share they own in the second quarter, now only 14 percent remaining. RIM's market share also suffered a similar blow. Of the 15 percent market share owned by RIM, now ducking to 10%.

Unexpectedly, the previous HTC is at the level of 7 percent, even now climbed to rank the Top 5 with a market share reached 11 percent. Similarly, as proclaimed Techtree, Saturday (05/11/2011).

Samsung and Apple's relationship lately it is not healthy. Both companies are throwing huge lawsuits in connection with the similarity in the design of their smartphones. There is no clarity about the relationship between this state with a market share.
source: okay zone

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