First, State Indonesia Sell Galaxy Plus Plus 7.0

Indonesia was the first country from all countries around the world that sells this product. We simultaneously sell in 7 major cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Samarinda, Balikpapan Makassar and Medan, "Eka Anwar, Head of Marketing Communications, at Pacific Place, Jakarta, Saturday (11/05/2011).

"Our Special Jakarta stock Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus seeing as many as 1200 units are very much in demand in Jakarta, until recently it was reported that in line numbered 350 people and we close at 10 pm. I'm sure before the clock 10 are sold out," he explained.

Eka adds a special buyers these days many benefits, in addition to accessories amounting to Rp1 million. Buyers can also get discounts for 500 thousand if use traditional credit cards Mandiri.

"We are working with Bank Mandiri, so the discounts they give 500 thousand and we are providing additional accessories valued at Rp1 million. But the Independent asks the buyer to use a credit card must be people who have it and in accordance with the ID card data," he concluded.

"It seems that buyers are excited about the launch throughout the city that I mentioned earlier, because the report already exists in many cities at least 100 people in line. Indonesia is a potential market until the end of the year and we are confident that sales of Tab Galaxy Plus 7.0
source : oke zone

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