Accused of Selling secondhand iPhone

Chinese court received complaints from consumer rights protection activists, who claim that Apple has sold iPhones former re dressed as a new phone. According to activist named Wang Hai, the complaints came from consumers who purchased an iPhone in one mobile phone store in Beijing, China.

Based on the narrative Wang, two consumers reported having to buy Apple iPhone in July 2011 and then with 1 year warranty period. Apparently after the serial number of the phone have been checked, the warranty was only 6 months.

If bernar, then the iPhone may be in a warehouse for the time span of more than 6 months before it sold. According to Wang, this case is a very serious discrimination for Chinese consumers considering re-used mobile phones are dressed up to look new (refurbished phones) are usually sold at bargain prices.

Previously a number of reports in China also mentions the existence of used mobile phones are sold as new.

Source: Shanghai Daily

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