Apparently the Galaxy S II More Tough of the iPhone 4S

Equally sophisticated, the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S II was remembered as the best products by Apple and Samsung Mobile. Since the beginning of the emergence ofthe iPhone 4S, many people will start complaining and comparing it with the Samsung Galaxy S II. This time the people of Square Trade, a company engaged inthe field of electronic goods warranty pit by dropping both the smartphone from a certain height. Interestingly, though dropped from the same height, the iPhone 4S is more battered than the Galaxy S II.

When dropped from waist height of an adult male (about 85 cm) are both just cracked a little on the back cover. From the height of the iPhone 4S fractured shoulder that is getting worse on the back, while the Galaxy S II suffered minor injuries. Well, how about being dropped from a maximum height of the screen facing down? 4S iPhone screen cracked-out, his opponent had just cracked a little at the bottom of the screen. Proving screen Samsung Galaxy S II more resilient.

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