If the apple without steve jobs

Steven paul jobs no longer present in the Apple offices. No one can guarantee whether he will be able to attend more often. Since the beginning of this year. He indeed has filed a leave of absence for reasons of health. Even so. It remained to prove his dedication to the present at pelunjuran iPad 2, in early March 2011.

Apparently, not many people know if in recent years if he is popularly known steve jobs that continue to fight against cancer is increasingly biting into his pancreas. And no one dared too sure how the conditions in the near future.

Apple's founders had a vision far ahead, so that made Apple become a highly respected prusahaan hinga now. Aplle managed to break the dominance of Microsoftnya Bill Gates and Apple also are up to date prusahaan considered as the most influential in the development of the technology world.
However, if you look at the story of Steve, in fact we can see how he is a figure pengagun simplicity and beauty. These are the two basic keys, in addition to his vision to the front, which makes products Aplle: iBook, Power Book, MacBook, iPod, iPhone and iPad 2 who succeeded only in a period of about a year.

Along Aplle progress achieved, the more closely it is also the name of Buddhism inherent in it. New breakthroughs are done steve jobs still proved capable of making Aplle loved society, although hampur all products made of high-end and simple.
Steve was born in san francisco, February 24, 1955 from an American mother, Joanne Carole and father's nationality schieble syria Abdulfatah "jhon" jandali, but when born, he was soon adopted by a couple paul and clara jobs from mountain view, santa clara county california. These foster parents who gave the name of steve jobs.

Since, little steve has shown ketertaikannya on electronic devices, even. He never called wiliam Hewlett-Packard Hewlett-President to ask beberpa eleltronik component for school work, it just offered moonlighting work during summer vacation. Steve Wozniak, who later became his partner medirikan Aplle.
Tinglat high intelligence makes Steve join acceleration classes, but. He is often suspended because of a bad-acting firecrackers to blow up the snake off in class. At the age of -17, he enrolled at Reed College, Portland, Oregon, however, he dropped out after one semester.
Even so he still take a calligraphy class at the university, that's what makes it so loves beauty. "If I was never out of place to learn only one sememster, perhaps the current mac will not have multiple typefaces or fonts professionally," he said .

In 1974 he returned to California. he worked at the company's atari game with Steve Wozniak, one time. Steve Jobs is interested in a computer design designs Wozniak, he persuaded Wozniak to set up a computer company, and since then, exactly 1 April 1976, at the age of the 21 steve set up a computer Aplle. depart from here, the success story soon became part of her life with Aplle.
However, when the company was growing, the board of directors Aplle memejat steve precisely because it was considered too ambitious. A dismissal from the company he founded his own ironic and probably will never happen in some of the world.
Although time to feel down, because his love of technology, he soon got up, Steve founded NeXT Computer, shortly, he bought the company in the world's leading animated film the big screen, pixar. of the two companies that was her name again hoisted, this contradicts what happened to Apple, the company was actually on the verge of bankruptcy.
At that moment, Steve returned to Aplle, the outcome of discussions on Apple's NeXT. Many people are predicting will no longer be able to lift Aplle. steve menangapinya with cold. "bahawa I'm sure one thing that can make me bertahaan is that I love what I do, we should find exactly what we love, and it is true that our work is our lovers. we hire will fill most of the life kita.dan road is the only way to achieve true satisfaction is to do what we believe, "said Steve.
Steve's love is what led Apple to return to orbit the elite ranks of top technology appliance manufacturers. iPod and iPhone is currently the best-selling products dipasaran.visinya fore also made iTunes so successful most successful digital music store in the world. he answered those doubts with real work and brilliant results. elegant beautiful forms. simple, yet powerful, became the hallmark of Apple products today.
This was evidenced by steve sosoj jobs.Bahkan, although he had collapsed and, "expelled" from his own company, his love of technology make it back.
Behind the success achieved by Apple, steve jobs do not always hadir.kini news menyeruap Seda, steve reportedly suffering from a tumor pankreas.pada 31 July 2004, Steve was running the operation to remove his pancreas tumor, he suffered from a type of pancreatic cancer is relatively rare, known as name "isled cell neuroendocrine tumor", then how Apple's continuation, with or without steve jobs in the leadership chair.,?? let's hope for 35 years as head of Apple, Steve has successfully passed the contents of his head to his subordinates. Can.?

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