Samsung Galaxy S III Released Next Year

Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone is still so ideal in most continents, has not faded prestige Galaxy S II, is now circulating rumors that Samsung Mobile is preparing its next generation of Galaxy presence of S II. The product, named Samsung Galaxy S III is deliberately prepared in order to meet the annual event MWC (Mobile World Congress) in 2012 which will take place on February 27 until March 1, 2012 in the city of Barcelona, Spain.

Compared to the Galaxy S II, S III Galaxy certainly have a lot of features and facilities improvement. For example, imaging capabilities, reportedly Galaxy III will carry the camera 10 megapixels, 32 Gb of internal memory, and display super-sized 4.65-inch AMOLED III with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. But the uproar again, Galaxy S III prepared using a quadcore CPU 2GHz processor, the processor type and the type of love there is still no leak. As a super smartphone flagship in 2012, Galaxy S III have adopted the Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich and TouchWiz user interface 5.

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