Sold 379,000 Books Steve Jobs in a Week

Biography of the founder and innovator of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, the hard sell. Almost a week since it was launched in the United States, this book has sold over 379,000 copies. The book, written by Walter Isaacson is directly occupied the second position of the most popular categories of books and was discharged in the United States, though it was three times reprinted.

Number of sales is also put Steve Jobs biography as a rank-18 as the best-selling book in the United States in just 6 days. The book is expected to occupy the top 10 best-selling book by the end of 2011., the largest online retailer in the world, also admitted that the demand for the book Steve Jobs is very high and will be able to occupy the position of the best sales this year.

Based on data from Nielsen BookScan in, this book is also listed as the best selling book in the UK this week. Recorded 37,000 books sold within the first five days. This data does not include data penjualaan electronic books (e-book).

In addition to Steve Jobs' life journey winding and unpredictable, which makes this book and then look for is the recognition of Microsoft CEO Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, who openly stated that Gates only stole the ideas of others and not imaginative. However, recognition is taken casually by Gates in an interview with a journalist. Gates claimed to have great respect for Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs, who was known to be closed to the media about his private life, gave permission to Walter Isaacson to write his life story of Steve Jobs after a long struggle against pancreas cancer. Permission was granted shortly before he died.
Sources: BBC

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