Television-style 3D cinema

LG market a range of televisions with 3D cinema featuresby adopting the technology equivalent to the cinemaTelevision is a new generation of 3D displaytechnology that is different from compotitor by providing facilities glasses are easy to use. 3D technology called FPR (film pattern retarderis claimed as a new way to enjoy the dish with the 3D glasses only "regular3D is similar to a dish that can be enjoyed at the cinema.
LG TVs which use technology that is claimed to present the 3D display properly,there are no symptoms of the image flickers and the picture also looks sharpLGTelevisions glasses to present his form 3D cinema did look like a toy andlightweightNamu was while watching 3D televisiona form of picture looks real andrelatively comfortable although long enough to see impressions.

If you usually need a battery of 3D glassesglasses LG 3D TV does not require it.This is an advantage because in addition to more efficientis also not requiredrechargeable battery that can reduce the enjoyment when watching television,cinema LG HD televisions presents deliberately to strengthen its position sabagaivendor number one in most countries in the category of plasma TVs and LCD TVs.

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