iPad 3

The latest news about the launch of the iPad 3 says that the tablets date to be announced in March. This time the latest information reported that Apple is preparing to choose a suite of applications for use on the iPad 3 demo creation.

iPad 3

Pre-event week Appple often spent time to gather a demonstration of the many application developers, and prepare for the live application demonstration event. Currently, the selection process is being continued with a higher speed as Apple hopes to complete the list of applications for the iPad 3. There is also an emphasis on graphics-oriented applications with assets of high definition (HD), which seems to match the features of a retina in the latest generation iPad.

In addition, some applications that draw the attention of the tech giant is being submitted to peer advertising such as TWBA Apple, Chiat, or Day, for possible inclusion in a prime commercial spot iPad 3. This process also began to enter the final stage, given the company's apple logo is in a tight deadline to determine the assets to be used during presentations and television commercials.

Although no official announcement is made​​, it appears that it is rumored to be seen increasingly in accordance with a possible announcement iPad 3 which is due next month.

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