Last words of Steve Jobs before his death

After his death a long time, Steve Jobs finally biological sister, Mona Simpson, spoke about the person of his brother, including kebersamaanya during his fight against pancreatic cancer.

Mona Simpson is also a novelist expressed his memories with his brother in an intimate, in homage to Steve Jobs at Stanford Memorial, 16 October. Pidatomya itself is published by The New York Times.

In his speech, he wrote how as a young girl he hopes to meet with wealthy and generous man who can be present in his life, to help her mother who at the time it was left by his father. Indeed, the dream became a reality, but through his brother, not from his own father.

"Even as a feminist, my whole life I've waited for a man to be loved, who could love me. For decades, I would think that someone is going to be a father to me. When I was 25, I met him and he's my brother," he wrote, quoted by Apple Insider, Monday (10/31/2011).

As we all know, Steve Jobs since childhood has been adopted by the Jobs family, and they meet each other after both beranjang adults. At that time, Simpson was contacted by a lawyer in 1985, who told her that her brother is a biologically rich and famous.

However, the lawyer refused to disclose the name of his client, so Simpson's co-workers began to bet that actor John Travolta is a prime candidate was his brother's mysterious. He relates that he secretly hoped that he was "a descendant of writer Henry James.

"When I met Steve, he was an elderly man with jeans, as well as face-like Arabic or Jewish and more handsome than Omar Sharif (descendant Hollywood actor)," he wrote.

He told us, that Jobs is a very hard worker and is not ashamed to admit that he was ousted from Apple, the company he founded, and some of his failures. According to the Simpsons, Steve was disappointed, but he is still working hard on a new company called NeXT.

Simpson also added, that Steve Jobs has a romantic side that is not suspected. "When Steve spent time talking about love, he's like a girl. For him love is the highest virtue, the god of all gods," he said.

Simpson also shared his feelings when Steve fell in love with his wife, Lorene, he said that his love for "sustainable in itself."

When Jobs got sick, her family saw her life like she was a small circle.

"He tried, he always and always trying. And always with love at the core of that effort. He was a very emotional," he said.

Simpsons also said there were several plans from which he made, namely to see her son graduate from high school, a trip to Japan with his daughter, building a boat cruise and diia hoping to retire with his wife. However, some goals can not be met. Jobs died on October 5 at the age of 56 years.

One thing that makes it vibrate is, the last words of Steve Jobs before his death to pick him up with a slow breath, Simpson said when Steve looked at her sister Patty, his children and his wife, then over his shoulder, is the "OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW .

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