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Did you know that Linux is a creature that can live in two worlds? The first is the natural "Text" and the second is the natural 'Graphics / GUI ".
Linux today has a lot of "evolved", its existence has now been proved that Linux is the most adaptable creatures. Once upon a time, Linux was the only living creatures in the natural text only, and only certain people can maintain Linux, they are the Wizard and the Hacker. That only with gcc, bash, emacs, and other tools from the GNU, Linux was born into the world of mortality, very wild and can only be controlled by certain people only.

But now, even appearing in Linux KDE, Gnome also, BlackBox, Enlightenment, IceWM, XFCE, WindowMaker and other desktop environments which has its own beauty and convenience for the wearer who is still said to be ordinary.

But can not be denied again, the power of Linux is still being dialam text or konsole or tty or terminal, where each user always typing the spells through a combination of commands and scripts or codes of what makes Linux can do many things just in one execution.

For users new to Linux, it can still be understood that the use of graphics in Linux is fun but also very easy to use flexsibel, everything can be set according to user preferences. Any Linux developers trying to introduce to the user who is still in opiate Microsoft to get to know Linux even further by showing that Linux is easy, just click here click there, all over, not much different from their habit when they were alive in the wild Microsoft is a beautiful and easy-paced, but in their daily life they were never free from various problems.

Linux is very powerful. For expert users or Linux Wizard or the Hacker Linux, the text mode has always been a top choice in performing their daily work. They make magic spells in their terminals, they only do one-time execution to resolve some of the problems they face. The commands of Linux which they set no arbitrary command, type it once enter a few times, then the target computer will "explode". Linux is a combination of excellence on these commands, has been exploited by hackers since the legendary world of ancient times long before Linux was born, which since his time UNIX Time-sharing, Linux ancestors in the 70s and 80s.

We can even now styled like them, to pretend to be expert or to familiarize themselves with the experts in the realm of darkness, which is to leave graphics mode and start using beautiful text mode, press "ctrl + alt + F1" then we will be at times in the 70s, where all the legendary world of computers had periods of glory by a king dialam cyberspace network.

Graphics / GUI in Linux is also not a problem, as we always use the xterm (terminal) or konsole (KDE) or rxvt or whatever it's called in order to familiarize themselves alive dialam text. Let me look cool, use Blackbox or Fluxbox or WindowMaker or Enlightenment, do not use KDE or Gnome. Let me look beautiful, use "wterm-sh-tr-fg red-bg white-sl 1500-fn lucida10" as your toy terminal, in WindowMaker or Blackbox. Get used to using "vi" or Emacs as your editor of daily, do not use the "Edit +", it's not cool. Memorize the Linux commands, system calls are also a very powerful programming language like C, Perl, Shell Scripting, Java, Python and others. Practice using the Stream Editor like sed or awk or ed, with the stream editor you can edit files without having to open the file. note the following commands:

[Root @ linux] # for the data in `find / var-type f`; do cat $ data | sed 's/ / \
> / g '> $ data.bak; mv $ data.bak $ data; done

This command will search all regular files in the folder / var, and if the file contains no IP address in it then it will be changed to This is used to remove traces of the hackers who have entered into the target computer system.

(There is nothing magical from the above command, this is because the author himself was young in matters of experience)

It's so easy to do many things in just one execution. The above command instructs to look for files in the folder / var that may amount to hundreds or even thousands of files, and then change the string contained in the files that have been found without us having to open the file one by one, if the file number in the hundreds files or even thousands, imagine if we have to edit them one by one just to change our log files in the system, because of our fear of being caught by the administrator.

Linux makes the whole thing. If we are good at looking diinternet sources of knowledge about Linux, then we will eventually master it, and make linux as our weapons in the face of competition in the world of information technology heats up in our country and around the world, why? because we have mastered the tools to become a mainstay of the hackers of the world that has become legend for decades in a digital nature.

The difficulty in using Linux is the beginning of the learning process we are in control of what was to become the world's great history of information technology, namely the operating system GNU / Linux. So do not ever give up on finding out, because the hacker was a person who is full of curiosity and want to learn, no matter with what will happen as a result of his curiosity and did not care about the environment. So do not be shy to find out, quite the contrary, we should feel proud, because we are studying what is becoming a hot topic of information technology in the world today, especially those related to security, stability and ability.

So the point is, we learn Linux is not to complicate ourselves, but we're doing our improvements in the study of logic-the logic in the computer world in general. With Linux know we came to know that a program could be run because there is a kernel, we can also know what makes the operating system is running, we know analogies programming as well as basic concepts. Since the "Linux hackers for hackers created .. (Linus Torvalds)

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