Make Music With Linux

Like listening to music? Why not try to learn to make your own songs, who knows you are a talented songwriter. Then how do I study? No confusion, just use Linux.

Studied music with Linux? Can we?

Sure can. Lots of multimedia software that can run on Linux. And the most fun for free, we can use aliases free of charge, without having to pay to that makes the software.

There is a multimedia software whose name is LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) that we can use to learn to create their own music. This software allows you to compose a song or a certain melody in desktop computers.

LMMS is a software that is cross platform, meaning that can be run on many operating systems. On their site, you can download the LMMS for Windows 2000/XP/Vista, 8.04/8.10 Ubuntu, OpenSuse, and Pardus 2008. If you want you can tamper with the software because the source code is available too.

Well, when it so we can save the song with a variety of formats, among other things:

WAV - Microsoft WAV format
AIFF - Audio Interchange File Format
AU - AUdio file format
FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Compression
Ogg - Open wavelet compression format
MP3 - Layer 3 MPEG audio encoding
Speex - An Ogg subformat for speech compression
VOC - file created using Creative Labs Soundblaster cards

Come on, wait no more. Install and immediately make a song on Linux

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