# develop, Alternative Instrument-Based Application Development. NET Framework

What is IDE?

An application running on a computer, made through a long process. Starting from writing code, compiling until finally able to run on the computer. Tools needed include the compiler to compile and editors to write program code.

In the world of programming. NET, the compiler needed to compile source code into computer language known. On. NET Framework, the compiler is already available and are in the folder where the. NET Framework installed.

Before starting to write program code, application developers need to specify the programming language to be used, among others, C #, VB.NET, J #, Delphi.NET, and others. In this paper will discuss the IDE that is used to write program code in C #.

We can use the simplest tools, ie Notepad (notepad.exe). This application is already available on your Windows operating system. We can also use free tools like Notepad + + (can be downloaded from http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/).

But the tools mentioned above, still less convenient when used to write program code. Especially when used by novice application developers. Needed a tool that can be used to write program code, may compile, make the search process error codes, making the package installation (installation), and others.

Such a device known as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). In essence, IDE is a tool used for designing applications and includes a feature supporting manufacturing applications. Starting from the writing program code with a comfortable viewing and ease of use until the application can be distributed.

But usually, the IDE is a complete and sophisticated high-priced. Only the big-budget companies are able to buy these tools. How about an application developer who has a limited budget? Do not worry, it's been developed based IDE even open source freeware.

Microsoft issued an IDE that is free download and use, namely Microsoft Visual Studio Express Editions. This tool is quite nice and complete for use in making applications.

In addition to the series Express from Microsoft, there are other alternatives that can be selected. One is the # develop or SharpDevelop. # Develop even an open source, meaning you can get the source code (source code) of this application. Interesting is not it?

At the beginning of # develop

SharpDevelop # develop or begin to be developed around September 11, 2000 by Mike Kra ¼ ger. Originally created to meet the needs of learning the language C # when Microsoft launched the alpha version of. NET Framework.

When this # continues to grow and develop into one of the popular IDE for building applications berbasis.NET. Favored because # develop is a good IDE and is open source. Also the IDE is very easy to learn and quite sufficient to build a serious application-based. NET Framework.

Features on # develop

# Develop should be installed on the operating system Windows XP or Windows 2000 with service pack last. Operating systems like Windows 98 or Windows NT, can not run all the features and capabilities. NET Framework to the maximum, so that # develop can not be fully utilized.

# Develop two versions, version 1.1 for. NET Framework 1.1 and version 2.0 for. NET Framework 2.0. Installation package files (installation files) and source code from the # develop can be found on the site http://www.icsharpcode.net/OpenSource/SD/. You can download and start learning from the site. It is advisable to use the latest # develop that support NET Framework 2.0.

# Develop has features like a commercial IDE. These features, among others:

Customizing the User Interface. For example UI shape model or Single Document Interface Multiple Document Interface.
Internationalization. We can choose the language used in # develop. By default the English language, but can be developed to use the French language, German, Chinese, even the Java language.
Customization of the program code. Example of a different color in the keyword, shortcut writing code, automation / complementary code, display help, and others.
Template and the Wizard in the writing program code.
Search facilities and replacement of the word.
Adequate project management and XML-based.
Compilation that is integrated in the IDE.
Debug facility or the search error.
Addin Manager, allowing third parties to add new features.
and many features which can be extracted.
Additional features will certainly be completed, therefore we need to monitor the site http://www.icsharpcode.net/OpenSource/SD/ to get the latest release.

Installation of # develop

Before performing the installation, there are some things that need to be prepared. Do check on your computer, whether it is appropriate to the needs of # develop. The need for the installation of # develop are:
1. Minimum processor Pentium III or class
2. Disk space Minimum 100 MB
3. The minimum memory is 256 mb
4. . NET Framework 2.0

Download the file # develop (eg named SharpDevelop2_2.0.0.1135Beta2_Setup.exe) from the site http://www.icsharpcode.net/OpenSource/SD/.
Once successfully downloaded, we can perform the installation with ease. Simply by pressing the Next button, the application will be installed.

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