2 Application 'Siri' Present at the Android Marke

The presence of Siri on the iPhone 4S, making rival, Andorid not want to lose competitiveness. Now available in the Android Market has many applications 'Siri' typical Android.

Applications like Siri on Andorid, mostly using Google voice recognition system. These applications are not as smooth as Siri, but has a special attraction for users Andorid.

Reported by PC World, Tuesday (8/11/20011), a virtual voice applications, namely Speaktoit Assistant and Google's Voice Action. Let's look at the benefits of the applications 'Siri' Android.

1. Speaktoit Assistant: This application is presented with animated people, with a look that can be modified in various ways. For example if the user selects an animation of women, the 'assistant' can wear formal clothing such as dresses.

This application can also handle a variety of tasks well, including checking the weather, make phone calls and answer questions. Users can ask for web search, or find locations on the map without needing to open the default browser first.

In addition, users can also send text Speaktoit and email. This application will write the user message, the remaining users only need to manually select the recipient and the subject (in email).

Speaktoit also able to tweet, and post status updates to Facebook. Another specialty, this application can tell the user the agenda today, but could not for another day.

2. Google Voice Action: In this application, users have to use phrases that Google assigned. Like to play music, users have to say, 'Listen to Benny Carter'. Unfortunately this application is more limited, like to play music, send texts and emails, make calls, map location, give directions, write notes, search the web and open a specific site.

If users follow the rules of Google, it will feel useful applications. Because Voice Action is the application of the Google interaction developed operating systems with other Google applications like Maps which works smoothly.

For some tasks, this application does not act as a hands free, as expected on a virtual assistant. When asked about the weather today, then the user must view it from the screen. This is not a problem if it is running, but of course will be a hassle when driving
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