Tips for Choosing Mobile Android

Android can not be denied is a very popular operating system for now. Android comes as the toughest rival for the IOS that was developed by Apple and Blackberry OS from RIM. One advantage compared with the Android Operating System IOS and Blackberry are many options available cell phones that use the Android operating system. In contrast to the IOS that is specific to the iPhone, iPod or iPad from Apple.

So many phones with the Android operating system, sometimes makes us a little confused, where does the Android mobile phone to suit your needs. Due to different brands of course, will differ also display the menu of the mobile phone, even though both of them together using Android.

Thorough Android Versions
Until now the operating system is available in several versions of options (update), starting from version 1.5 or cupcake, Android version 1.6 is known as the "Donut", the Android 2.1 (Eclair), the Android 2.2 (Froyo) to Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread! For now, when buying an Android mobile phones you should select at least version 2.2 aka Froyo. That one of its advantages is that you can install applications to SD Card External memory alias. Unlike the previous version of the Android 2.1 to the bottom, where applications can only be installed to phone memory (internal), except for using an application called App2SD where you can install applications to the SD Card in Android 2.1 down.

Display Menu (Modification)
If you want to feel the original Android Android aka mashed then the best option falls to Google Google Nexus S or Nexus. For mobile phones of other brands such as Motorola's then display the menu will be different because it has been modified (called Moto Blur), famous for HTC Menu Sense UI as well as Sony Ericsson has the look of the menu that has been modified so that it can feel its nuances SE

Do not Forget Processors
Just like a laptop or computer, as you would choose an Android phone, do not forget to pay attention to the processor used. For now, buy Mobile Android with a minimum 1GHz processor. This of course is that the performance of the mobile phone could be more leverage available in the future and if the latest update of the Android Operating System! Do not forget also the RAM memory of the mobile phones (minimum 512MB) Graphics Card is also used, so it will increase your comfort while playing a game in Mobile Android.

3G or 4G
Although 4G connection in Indonesia is still very rare, but there's nothing wrong if you prefer the Android mobile phone that supports 4G connections, such as the HTC EVO 4G. So if later on 4G connections are widely available in Indonesia, Mobile Android you will not be too out of date, anyway support 4G connectivity.

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