What is the advantage of Android's Root?

Root simply be interpreted as the root, that means when we do the rooting of Android phones, such as Root Samsung Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy S2 rooting or root Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, it means we can access the root of the Android operating system from the Mobile.

Personalize the Android Operating System - with his Android phone root, will be able to install the stories of various Android ROMs are available for free on the internet like MIUI or CyanogeMod 7. By using a different ROM, you can enjoy the look and performance of Android in different flavors too.

Install Theme - One of the main attraction for us is to replace ngroot Android phones Android theme with a variety of themes that are available. If you like the look of the iPhone really in Android, you can install the ROM MIUI which by default comes with a theme similar to the iPhone.

Enabling certain Features - One of the easiest example is to activate the cheat engine in Android. With the Root Android phone, you can install applications on Android Cheat Engine, so that later you can use cheat codes for games on Android.

Creating Android Phone Battery Faster and More Durable - by default Android phones constantly bombarded with a variety of additional applications that are less important, and sometimes can make wasteful batteries, Now through the root, you can eliminate unnecessary Android Application, the so that later can save battery usage Android.

System backups and restored them back - Applications such as Titanium Backup Pro can only work if the Android phone we've been in Root. With applications such as Titanium Backup Pro Backup you can backup the following applications or games save the game and other settings, so it will fit in the format of our phones, we can restore games and applications without having to save the game or lose the settings that have been made

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