Launch Tablet Android 4.0 First Postponed

TAIPEI - Asustek Computer delaying the launch schedule, tablet PCs to two of his generation, Transformer Prime. Initially, the Taiwanese company will be launching, based tablet Andorid 2.3 on November 9.

Asus delay the scheduled launch of new tablet until early December, when Google agreed to provide assistance on the machine for Android 4.0 features natively. It was submitted by a source, quoted by Digi Times, Tuesday (08/11/2011).

The decision appeared to contradict statements Asustek CEO Jerry Shen some time ago, he said the second generation of tablets will still be launched according to the scheduled time.

Google initially indifferent to the Taiwanese PC vendor, the assistance of the Android 3.0 upgrade to 4.0. Google's attitude makes the vendors to change their focus from Android to Microsoft Windows 8.

However, because Google finally give assistance to these vendor products, in order to help Google Microsoft to survive the attack. It also could force Microsoft to lower prices to license Windows 8
source :oke zone

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