Ever Supply Samsung Screen for the iPad

Former manager of Samsung Electronics, Suk-Joo Hwang, makes a surprise confession. In the insider-trading trial the defendant executives Primary Global Research, James Fleishman, Hwang revealed that he had leaked the data on shipments for Apple iPad components.

As quoted from the Sydney Morning Herald, Suk-Joo Hwang who has worked for 14 years at Samsung dare divulge this after receiving guarantees of immunity for the actions he did. Leaks about the Hwang IPAD component is provided during lunch at a restaurant in Mountain View, Californa.

In addition to Fleishman, then there are also hedge-fund manager, which he called "Greg". At that time, Hwang explained that supplies about shipping Samsung LCD screens (liquid crystal display) to Apple. "One part that I remember clearly is when talking about a number of shipments to Apple, it is for the iPad," said Hwang.

"It happened in December 2009, before any tablet PCs, they also do not know his name at the time, so I talked about the approximate shipping tablet at the meeting," said Hwang.
Apple then released in April 2010, four months after the meeting.
Hwang also said Samsung is one of the suppliers for the iPad screen. Besides Samsung, another supplier of screen iPad, according to Hwang, is a Seiko, Epson, and LG.

Assistant Attorney Antonia Apps then asked Hwang about the responses of those present at the meeting. "They do not know," said Hwang.
Meanwhile, Hwang added, hedge-fund manager was being very "enthusiastic".

"In fact, as I said, please keep this to you alone," said Hwang. "I remember, after saying that James nodded his head."

But after Hwang admitted leaking secret fear. In fact, Hwang thought one of those who are near their table as an employee of Apple, as it continues to look at him. When that Hwang was trying to hide the Samsung logo and name.

"Having said that secret, I looked around. First I thought, wow, I say too loud and very frightened afterward," said Hwang.

Hwang claimed to work as a consultant for Primary Global Research (PGR) from 2004 to 2010. He gets a fee of U.S. $ 38 thousand as an expert consultant network.

After the incident, Hwang realized that he had leaked Apple's data. Shortly after lunch, Hwang received the news that Apple has cut contract Samsung as one of the supplier. "I thought, oh man it was the Apple and they had to know. I was very scared," said Hwang.

After obtaining a promotion in February 2010, Hwang and then says it wants to stop the PGR. However, PGR then offer a fee increase from U.S. $ 200 per hour to $ 350, and allowed to work anonymously. Hwang worked for the PGR to August 2010.

Samsung's Hwang himself later fired in June 2011, but has not filed any charges against Hwang.

Samsung spokesman in California, Chris Goodhart, declined to comment on the recognition of Hwang. Apple spokesman Steve Dowling, also not willing to comment.

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