Norton Create a Special Protection for the Tablet

For owners of Android tablets will now be easier to protect the device, privacy, and other important data. Norton has been designing for penguna Security Tablet Android.

Norton Security Tablet was released with a new update on Norton Mobile Security, including the features of 'Scream', which helps users find the mobile phone is lost or stolen.

Web-based feature in Norton Anti-Theft Security tablets, tablets can help find lost or stolen. An Anti-Malware that scans all the threats the application on mobile devices and SD cards, and Web Protection that provides Norton Safe Web technology will protect the device from the content being accessed and downloaded via the cellular network and WiFi.

Reported by CBR Online, Friday (04/11/2011), Norton Mobile Security also features SMS-based, anti theft, privacy features, web-based features and 'Lost Notice' which allows users to display a customized message for anyone who finds the devices are missing.

This, also including the 'Scream' which is a search feature that lets users send text messages to their phone is missing to enable remote alarms, and helping them find the device.

Vice President of Mobile Product Norton, Dave Cole said the current smartphone owners have a risk of loss greater than the contact information when the device is stolen or lost. Such as access to email, social networking sites, financial institutions or even expose private photos and videos.

"To avoid these risks, consumers are increasingly motivated to protect their mobile life. Norton Tablet Security and Norton Mobile Security provides protection from physical threats and online security with one of the most trusted brands," said Cloe.

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