Google Denies Allegations of theft

Chief Executive (Executive Chairman) of Google, Eric Schmidt, to answer charges of Apple founder Steve Jobs, about the Android operating system. In a biography written by Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs called Android as a product stolen, and Jobs will make every effort until the end of his life to fight Android.

As quoted by Reuters, according to Schmidt, the Android operating system has been created before the iPhone. Currently, Google was considered by many as an innovator.

"Generally, I think all would agree that Google is a great innovator. I will also explain, the effort to make Android has begun before a scheme to make the iPhone there," said Schmidt, in a series of Asian tour in South Korea.

However, Eric Schmidt declined to comment on Steve Jobs' statement was written in the book Walter Isaacson. Until now, Google really appreciate Steve Jobs personally. "Steve is a very fantastic and the people that I miss," said Schmidt.

In the biography of Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs told very angry when HTC introduced its first Android-based phones. Moreover, Steve Jobs proudly know that Android was introduced as a product that turns out to use the same number of features with the iPhone.

Steve Jobs then met Eric Schmidt, a former Apple board officials who later resigned when Google and Apple competing in smartphone sales. In a meeting in a cafe in Palo Alto, Jobs told Schmidt that he was not interested in a lawsuit filed, and the meeting took place without any results.

During a visit in South Korea, Eric Schmidt are also re-affirmed will not menganak emaskan Motorola in using the Android operating system.

"In general, to our partners, we said discussions about Motorola has been completed, and we will run it (Motorola) is regular and independent," said Schmidt.

Schmidt also reiterated Google's commitment to making Android as an open platform. "(Purchase Motorola by Google) will not harm the openness of Android. We will not alter in any way, from what we currently operate," explains Schmidt.
As is known, Asia is currently home to a number of Android-based smartphone manufacturer. In South Korea, at least there are Samsung and LG. Meanwhile, in Taiwan, Google formed a partnership with HTC. Samsung and HTC also has a significant sales increase after using the Android operating system.
During a visit in South Korea, Eric Schmidt also met with President Lee Myung-bak. At this meeting, Google said it would open a channel on YouTube to popularize Korean K-Pop or Pop, which is the mainstay of Korea in the Korean wave spreading across the world.

Besides South Korea, Eric Schmidt also scheduled to visit Taipei and Beijing in Asia tour in

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