Eliminate the ads in Mobile Android

It is undeniable at this time Android Mobile Operating System is the largest in the world, it is not surprising that many games and new applications for Android popping up almost every day. And asiknya again, many Android applications and games that can be obtained and installed for free.

However, the name games and free apps of course there are some drawbacks and one of the most disturbing is hadirnyanya Ad in Game or application. Create games and applications developer, advertising would be a source of income. But for users, of course, is a bit annoying keasikan while playing games or running applications.

So how do I remove Ads on Android, for example how to remove ads on the Samsung Galaxy S2 or Sony Xperia Play? An application called Ad Free very useful to eliminate the ads on Mobile Android.

Ad Free Application for Android can be downloaded for free on Android Market, but certainly a prerequisite to be able to install it, you have to have Android phone in the Root, because Ad Free access requires super user to access the file system in Android.

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