Compared Android IOS More Popular

Apple's operating system IOS considered more qualified than the Android based poll conducted Net marketshare. Poll reveals IOS 61.6 percent of votes, ahead of Android which only got 18.9 percent. After that followed the Java ME (12.8 percent) and Symbian at the bottom (3.5 percent) in terms of the operating system on mobile devices and tablets.

While the desktop operating system, Windows still dominates with 91.9 percent of votes. Followed by 6.9 percent Mac and Linux 1.2 percent. On the media side of the browser on a mobile or tablet, Safari ranks first with 62.2 percent, followed by the Android browser (18.7 percent), Opera Mini (13.1 percent), and Symbian Browser (2.6 percent).

On the desktop, Internet users still favor Internet Explorer (52.6 percent), followed by Firefox (22.5 percent), Chrome (17.6 percent), and Safari (5.4 percent). From the search engine on mobile devices, desktop and tablet, Google is still undefeated by winning votes on 82.4 percent. Followed by Yahoo, Baidu, and Bing.

"From the data 2 billion Internet users in the world, it turns out they're more fun to surf on the desktop," according to a poll from Netmarketshare, Thursday (03/11/2011).

Internet users in the desktop around 93.7 percent of the population of Internet users in the world. The digital device is still 6 percent of the population. The remaining 0.3 percent use other digital devices.

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