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Android Tablet is another current trend, comes with touch screen and Android operating systems. A tablet can indeed be used as an alternative to a laptop or a netbook, despite the fact that the tablet can not fully replace the function of laptops and netbooks. However, for some things, like playing games, browsing to write reports or papers, a tablet can replace the function of the laptop to perform the activity.

If you're curious, what the hell the Best Office applications for Android Tablet or maybe Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy S2 or Sony Ericsson Xperia? So that we can later write a report, or simply typing a paper on Android? The following are some alternatives Office applications for Android.

Quickoffice Pro HD - office applications which one deserves to be the best option as an alternative office applications on Android. With Quickoffice Pro HD you can easily create, edit the powerpoint, word or excel. Not only that Quickoffice Pro HD can also open PDF files and Zip Files on Android and even Quickoffice Pro HD already supports Google Doc, Dropbox, Huddle, SugarSync to Apple's MobileMe.

Documents To Go Pro - to write a paper or create a report, Documents To Go Pro can be used with ease, create slideshows and presentations on Android can easily be done using Documents To Go Pro. With Documents To Go Pro we also can synchronize your documents to Google Docs, so that later documents may be accessed online whenever and wherever.

ThinkFree Office Mobile for Android - Designed for Android smartphones, ThinkFree Office Mobile can also be used in the Android Tablet. Like most office applications for Android, ThinkFree Office Mobile is able to easily open and edit files Powerpoint, Excel and Word on Android.

Alternatively Office applications for Android is Google Docs which is a Web Based Application Office that means we have to be online to be able to access and use Google Docs. But do not worry about the capabilities, Google Docs can be relied upon, being able to edit the file docx, pptx xlsx up in Android.

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