2014, Sales of Defeat iPad Tablet Android

CALIFORNIA - J. Gold Associates does not agree with the assumption that the iPad tablet will continue to dominate sales. In 2014 sales of Android tablet is claimed to be better than the iPad.

So far the onslaught of Android tablet tablet continues to enter the global market by offering more competitive price than the iPad. Actual sale, tablet, Android certainly higher than the Apple tablet.

Predicted the next few years there will be one or two tablets Android will rival the dominance of the iPad.

According to Jack Gold of J Gold Associates, Android tablets may exceed the iPad in terms of sales, at least within three years.

Softpedia quoted as saying on Monday (7/11/2011), the tablet version of Android will eventually dominate the market by 50 percent, while the 10 percent will be controlled by the tablet version of Windows. This means that the iPad will only dominate the market by 40 percent.

"In 2014-2015, we hope Android tablet will acquire a majority share of the consumer market, with a number of vendors and a variety of models that can beat the iPad," said Gold.

"But the iPad will still hold the largest market share for the enterprise, where the iPad presents a special feature for them, while Android takes a longer time to develop it," he continued.

This is still an estimate and the truth still has many possibilities, it could be true or may be wrong. In the end, time will be a determinant of whether the truth about the tablet that will dominate the market globalization
source :oke zone

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