New iPad Will Appear with HD display

CALIFORNIA - Today Apple is working on merging the display of high definition (HD) with the newest generation iPad.

This rumor spread after a source close to the LED backlight 2 vendors in Taiwan revealed that there is a chance Apple should change the way the use of the backlight in its products.

Both vendors have been offering Apple's two alternative solutions associated backlight for its new generation iPad requiring different devices that can display a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixel consistently.

current iPad 2 using a single type of LED light bar, but the next tablet will run into 'care' in order to maintain and strengthen the brightness of the panel.

This means that Apple could have decided to keep its single light bar and add two chips directly support or take advantage of dual-LED light bars. Similarly, as proclaimed The Next Web, Tuesday (11/08/2011).

The ability of this new screen sharpness is expected capable of displaying 264 pixels per inch (PPI) or higher, at least twice more than 132 high-PPI use iPad 2.
source :oke zone

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