mini ipad

Apple is rumored to begin to anticipate the number of tablets that a 7-inchcompetitors. The presence of 7-inch tablet like the Amazon Kindle Fire, Nook, andSamsung Galaxy Tab, Apple began to worry seems to make its dominance in the tablet market will be shifted.

mini ipad

Apple will launch iPad 7.85 inch before the fourth quarter of 2012, but iPad 3 which is scheduled to be released at the end of the first quarter. Rumor is presumably because Apple started to feel the pressure by increasing sales of Kindle Fire

These rumors come just days after showing off the success of Amazon's Kindle salesFire, tablets are much cheaper than the iPad. Amazon claims to have sold a millionKindle within a week for three weeks. Among the Kindle family, Fire is the mostpopular.

In fact, Kindle Fire has been the best selling products in Amazon since it was introduced in September last. Kindle cheapness Fire was seen as a modifier in therhythm of competition in the tablet market.

On November 2010, Apple founder Steve Jobs is ever denied Apple iPad wouldmake the size smaller than 9.6 inch. Apple, Steve Jobs said, not interested in making a tablet with a small screen

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