Apple users targeted by Identity Thieves

Apple product owners need to be careful. It has been discovered the circulation of an email phishing, which try to steal the identity of the victim, a special Apple user.

As noted Trend Micro, phishing attacks targeting users of Apple by posing as an official email from Apple. Fake emails that told as if there is a change of personal data in the user account.

The difference with the original email, it will send fake e-mail users to a page that displays ads at the bottom. On that page there is a request to enter a username and password, which if followed by the same hand over house keys to the thief.

Some features of fake email from Apple that is:

address of the sender is via SMTP
link in the email body leads to a fake site (which has a banner ad at the bottom)
the fine (fine print) email only mentions TM and Copyright Apple Inc.
Beware emails are always associated with your account. If there is a request to enter a username and password, make sure you are on the original page and not a trap site.

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