Motorola Bans Apple Products for sale in Germany

CALIFORNIA - After the victory of his patent in several countries, it seems now Apple had to fight hard against his rival, Motorola Mobility. German court issued an initial order, which is likely to impact on their business.

Reported by Apple Insider, Monday (7/11/2011), Florian Muller of FOSS Patent attorney contacted a number of default judgments against Germany on the German court ruling. The decision came early because of Apple's past deadline to answer the complaint watu Motorola patents.

Apparently, the news of the decision would threaten Apple's business in Germany, as the largest market in Europe. Apple is rumored to owe to compensation of two Motorola patents since 19 April 2003.

"This will not affect our ability to sell products or do business in Germany," Apple said in a statement on Friday.

But Muller rate, currently Apple does not have a clear qualification. According to him, the order could affect the company's sales anytime in the future. The impact of the order could come within weeks, if Apple is unable to persuade the court to postpone the decision.

Whatever the reason for Apple's past the deadline specified, it looks like it is Apple's strategy to make defense against Motorola.

Apple from the beginning to complain, that Motorola uses Fair and Reasonable NonDiscriminatory to burden the patent as a weapon. The company argues, Motorola is anti-competitive with standard mencapur unfairly with the implementation of patents on the patent complaint against Apple.

"By making the wrong commitment, and lead to the formation of a worldwide standard by combining patent and eliminate competition alternative technologies," wrote Apple in a federal lawsuit.

According to Apple, "Motorola has been a goalkeeper, by acquiring the power to harm or eliminate competition in the relevant market
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