Slot Smartphone on Fake Arm

A British man has become the first person who has a prosthetic arm that is designed to put the Nokia smartphone. Trevor Prideaux, who was born without a left arm to have this idea for an iPhone a few years ago, but got no response from Apple when he asks for their help. Then, he asked for help Nokia and get full support from the Finnish company.

Technicians in Exeter Mobility Centre is the designer of this prosthetic arm. Nokia handsets can be slipped into a slot located in a prosthetic arm, so the other hand can use the phone easily.

Prideaux said, "I am now able to receive calls and writing text using one of my hands, while the smartphone is placed in the arms of my false." Through his statement in The Daily Telegraph, Prideaux says, "I think this will help many people with hands prosthethic - Especially those who are not born with a disability, and need time to get used to the lack of them."


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