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queuing visitors a shop in london, english is snaking. but prospective buyers have been lining up for hours. indeed, some of the visitors that have arrived before the store opened, in order to get the iPad 2. consequently, only less than 24 hours since its sale, iPad 2 is reported to have sold out.

Appel latest tablet computer output was eventually sold globally by Appel, after the first sale in the United States. same as in the country uncle sam, tablet computers is getting applause from the fans Appel in various countries, so that inventory sold out in no time.
Long lines also occurred in the city of paris, sydney to munich in germany. there are even some Apple fans are lining up for 53 hours just for the sake of being the first to buy a blackberry 2. global marketing ipad 2 was targeted to the inaugural edition of 25 countries.
Prime time of sale in the United States reported gang asia momborong ipad 2 in large quantities. as given new york post, asia gang is wanted mencual device in china or hongkong, ipad 2 is the most expensive capital for $ 829, marketed in hongkong with prices jumped dramatically which is $ 2000.

hectic sales IPAD IPAD 2 is following the success of the first generation that becomes the driving booming tablet computer market in the world. Apple sold about 15 million units in 2010 ipad. It achieved great again in in just nine months! "The number was more than any tablet pc that has been marketed," Umbar Apple ceo steve jobs

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