BlackBerry Playbook, Buy Two get one free

After some time ago to cut prices Playbook BlackBerry, RIM (Research In Motion) this time re-create the program in order to boost sales promotions that besutannya tablets. In the latest promo, RIM Playbook will provide one unit free when you buy two units of Playbook.

This means that by buying two units Playbook, you can bring home three units of the Playbook at a time. Promo is valid until December 31, 2011 and temporarily valid in U.S. only. In addition, RIM is also provide free some free accessories, such as an HDMI cable, leather case, docking and charging, for those who take advantage of this promo.

This marketing program created to boost sales of RIM's tablet besutannya, whose sales are very far from expectations. RIM only managed to sell less than 1 million in the last quarter. Compare with Apple managed to sell 11.12 million units iPad in the same time frame.

Some analysts said the promo is intended to spend the entire stock of existing Playbook and this indicates RIM will soon release a new version of the tablet at the beginning of next year.

BlackBerry Playbook released on 19 April this year and immediately received criticism for not having a specific e-mail application. To read your e-mail or use the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), the user must connect the Playbook with his BlackBerry smartphone.

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